Thursday, June 2, 2011

Been hiding too long!

I guess I have been hiding too long!  Hibernating, perhaps!  I am going to be posting some of the things I have created while hibernating this winter.  Please feel free to grab any files.  I only ask that you use them for personal use.

Boy do I love my Cougar and MTC! 

                                                                            Wishing You Well

What would you wish for???? 

I love sunflowers!!!  I love the final look!  Enjoy!

                                                   sunflower.mtc mkp

My daughter's wedding invitation

This is my daughter's wedding invitation.  The "r" was the only thing cut with my Cougar.  The flourishes were stamps that I scanned in.  My daughter wanted them all HAND STAMPED!  Not only NO, but HECK NO!  I hot fixed the gems in each corner.  The picture is not that great...sorry.  I may have to resort to asking my husband to take the picture!!

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  1. These are wonderful honey and stay out of hiding. We miss ya!!!!!!!